Robyn’s “Best of 2014″


North Coast Music Festival • Chicago, August ’14

Back in late August, I started a random, really rough list of my favorite tracks, artists, etc. of this year so far. Now we’re nearing the end of December, and it’s time to finalize the list. I feel the need to mention these are my personal favorites, so they have nothing to do with chart-toppers, album sales, etc. It’s just music I love and want to share with the world, especially since these artists should be recognized for the incredible art they’ve put out this year for our ears. Here we go.

Favorite EPs of 2014:

Seven Lions – Worlds Apart

Crywolf – Angels

Lido – I Love You

Party Ghost – VPR

MitiS – Touch

Faux Tales – Dystopia

Galantis – Galantis

Kill Paris – Foreplay

Carmada – Realise

Summer Was Fun – Westbound

Favorite full-length albums of 2014:

SirensCeol – The Method To Madness

Bassnectar – Noise vs Beauty

Gareth Emery – Drive

Savoy – Self Predator

Skrillex – Recess

Porter Robinson – Worlds

Knife Party – Abandon Ship

Alvin Risk – Venture

Odesza – In Return

Metrik – Universal Language

Artists to watch in 2015:

SirensCeol, Crywolf, Kygo, Prince Fox, Kasum, Grabbitz, Didrick, Lost Kings, Lido, Kayzo, ZHU, Hotel Garuda, Thero, Ninth Parallel, Win & Woo, Summer Was Fun, FutureFreqs

Favorite songs of 2014 (ranked):

10. Pegboard Nerds – Emergency

9. Adventure Club – Fade ft. Zak Waters

8. Manufactured Superstars ft. Jarvis Church – Stay (Au5 Remix)

7. ZHU – Faded (Big Gigantic Remix)

6. Alvin Risk – Safe

5. Lido – I Love You (Hoodboi Remix)

4. Oliver Heldens x Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive) [Matrix & Futurebound Remix]

3. SirensCeol & Reaktion Ft. The Eden Project – Let You Know

2. Cazzette – Sleepless

1. I See Monstas – Circles

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Playing catch-up

It’s been a while. Whoops. The amount of amazing new music lately is insane. I’ve been sticking with my playlist-making on my SoundCloud channel, so if I’m not blogging and you need new tunes, that’s the place to look :)

I’m also working on a “Best of 2014″ list that I’ve been jotting in my phone for the past few months and will finish up at the end of the year. It’ll include my favorite songs, albums, EPs, best new artists etc. for the 2014 year. It’s going to be crazy long by the time I finish it, but oh well!photo

Hmm, what else? Summer’s officially over, and I’m thrilled with the number of shows and festivals I was able to attend while working more than 40 hours each week. (Yeah, I made a list. Judge me. I like to keep track of things).

Anyway, I’m going to put a few of my most recent playlists on this blog post and attempt to keep up better in the future!

Top 10 Tracks of the Week | 7/27-8/2

Busy week with no time to elaborate about playlists. Here’s this past week’s, along with the week before that. Check ittttt

Top 5 Tracks of the Week | 7/20-7-26

Top 10 Tracks of the Week | 7/13-7/19

Whoops. Late again. By two weeks. You know what they say about life, though. It goes on :) These past two weeks, I’ve had to do a “Top 10 Tracks of the Week” instead of the usual five because there have been SO many incredible releases. Cutting down on the descriptions because of the number of tracks, though. Enjoy!

Track 1

I really don’t think I need to gush more every time I post something by SirensCeol. He’s on a fast track to being my favorite producer this year. Everything he touches turns to gold, including this.

Track 2

Getting more into chill/tropical-y/electro stuff lately. Love this track from Laszlo and WRLD. Both so young, yet so talented.

Track 3

DJ Fresh, Ellie Goulding AND drum & bass? I was sold before I even listened.

Track 4

PBN are forever innovative with their music, and this track is no exception. These guys always do it their way and never follow trends or what’s popular. I love it.

Track 5

More Sirens. Might be one of my fav tracks ever by him. Can’t wait for the new EP, etc.

Track 6

Can’t. Get. This. Song. Out. Of. My. Head.

Track 7

There’s no other way to say it: This track goes HARD.

Track 8

Kasum killing it on yet another throwback remix. As a long-time Sum 41 fan, this made me ridiculously happy.

Track 9

This track is weird and ambient but in the absolute best sense.

Track 10

As much as I love the original “Knock You Out,” Mr FijiWiji absolutely killed this chill trap-y remix.


And here’s last week’s playlist. There are some awesome tracks in here, too!

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Top 5 Tracks of the Week | 6/29-7/5

Hi guys. It’s Wednesday. What’s up?

Track 1

MitiS‘ “Touch” is an awesome song, whether it’s the original or this vocal mix. I must say, the vocals do give it an extra touch. (Haha, I’m punny).

Track 2

Fareoh can’t put out bad music. It’s just not possible. I think this is one of my favorite tracks I’ve heard in the past few months. And it takes a lot for a new prog house track to catch my ear, but this one did it. Much love to Fareoh.

Track 3

I’ve had “Sad Machine” stuck in my head and have caught myself whistling it time and time again. Just when I thought I’d gotten over how awesome it is, Anamanaguchi came out with this beautiful remix. Obsessed all over again.

Track 4

I was so happy to see new nanobii material! He really delivered with this one. People are comparing it a lot to “Rainbow Road,” but those are clearly people who don’t fully appreciate hardcore and think it “all sounds the same.” This song is a work of art and is full of energy and passion, as are the rest of nanobii’s tracks.

Track 5

I very rarely go out of my way to listen to glitch hop, even though I enjoy it. Buuuuut I love Barely Alive and was intrigued by a glitch hop remix of “Rifle Blow Kiss.” Sure enough, it’s epic. Props to Twine for delivering such an awesome remix.



This amazing EP came out a few weeks ago and I forgot to mention it at the bottom of my last post. So here it is: “I Love You” from Lido. It’s AWESOME.

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